Wednesday, 24 November 2010

code:mission accomplish :p

akhirnye dapat gak ak tgk harry potter :D td ak g sunway ngn put3,tgk harry potter ngn megamind;best gile kowt,especially megamind coz it's so funny. harry potter xdpt 3D psl xde tp megamind ktorg tgk 3D n bertambah2 r best nyer :D btw,ak mmg xsbr nk tggu harry potter part 2 nyer coz ak mmg xske cite yg tergantung2 ni,tension~hahaha xpe2, lpas tgk harry potter td ak bru discover satu bnde yg ak xbrape mint sgt ngn harry tp ak minat gile ngn ron n hermoine :p ak ske btol tgk dorg due tu,sweet kowt...megamind plak da buat ak puas ati gile arini tp tiket dy mahal tol RM21!!! xsgke semahal tu O.O naseb baek cite tu best,kalo x ak da bebel sepanjang hari. so sape2 yg xtgk lg,sile2 r tgk ye :D

p/s: ak tlis 'code' kt title ats sbb it's a popular words use by megamind n bestfriend dy dlm movie tu, and it's so funny...tgk sndri kalo nk taw kisah selanjutnyer :p

Sunday, 21 November 2010

oh sahabatku....

tgh hari td ak bkk fb, then cm biase r tgk notification...ade 1 member ak ni cmmnt pic ak yg kt tluk batik. she said that she miss me, btw she one of my friend tym skola menengah dulu kt s.alm. n i know the real reason she said she miss me, that's because almost 2 years we didn't hang out together anymore. i dont know who's fault and what's wrong we just didn't contact with each other n even cmmnt2 kt fb pon xde gak. then lpas je ak bce cmmnt tu ak pon bkk r profile dy n ak mmg terkejut gile bile bce status dy " i do miss you. my tears drop went i saw ur picture. you have them now. and we are just ur OLD memory. sedih lah! tapi tak pe. kita tetap kawan cuma dah tak rapat je. and yes i miss so much! :') ♥"
serious ak xtaw nk ckp ape dah, ak ingt diorg yg da xnk kwn ngn ak, psl kalo dorg kuar xpnh nk ajk ak lg....i really have no idea right now, ak xde niat pon nk tggl kn diorg n xde niat lgsg nk lupekn diorg, i feel guilty -_- guys i'm really2 sorry kalo sume ni slh ak, tp knape korg da x cntc ak lgsng n xajk ak lepak ngn korg pon. whatever it is i do miss u'all too n ak hrp kte dpt cm dulu lg.

i'm back :D

long time no see hah peeps :D i'm at home now, semester break time yuhuu! doing nothing at home, i wanna work but it's really hard to get part time job, most of them want full time employee. so i end up 24/7 in front of my lappy, and do some house chore...ugh! i hate it actually, i need money :( what am i suppose to do? hope my mom will gimme some like before coz i wanna buy corby,i want it so badly. what i can do now is "doalah banyak2 ye" hehehe n i'm going to find a job again n hope i can got one. pray for me k.