Friday, 31 December 2010

R.I.P 2010 :D

today is the last day of 2010, and i had to say 2010 was pretty crazy for has 2010 been for you and have you got your 2011 New Years Resolution sorted yet? frankly speaking, i haven't plan anything yet for this upcoming new year...but one thing for sure is i need to become a better person, better than right now. that's what everyone should do right? besides that, my last post about 'azam kecik' :p i'm going to buy that shoes yay! *excited* enough of that, it's time to say goodbye to our past mistakes and say hello to our new beginning.

p/s: let's wrap this year with a big smile and hope to do better next time :D

Friday, 17 December 2010

azam 'kecik' utk taun dpn ^____^

'kecik' tu mksudnyer ak hrp dpt r tunaikn psl dy 'kecik' je kn~huhuhu. ak nk bli sneakers sbnrnyer, jeremy scott x adidas 'j wings'!! cool kn nme sneakers ni hahaha, nme dy pon da wt ak tempting gile nk bli :D meh ak tnjukkn pic dy skali ngn detail psl sneakers ni skali.

- Design inspired by ADIDAS and Jeremy Scott's Originals
- Made of quality leather
- Designed with decorative leather wings, one one each side of the sneakers

p/s: cool x,kyaa! :p serious ak nk dowh ^__^

Friday, 10 December 2010

travie mccoy-we'll be alright

We are young, we run free
Stay up late, we don’t sleep
Got our friends, got the night
We’ll be alright

Tonight you won’t be by your self-self
Just leave your problems on the shelf-shelf
You won’t wanna be nowhere else-else
So let’s go, so let’s go (we got the club like)

(hoo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo) and all the girls sayin’
(hoo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo) the whole world sayin’
(hoo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo) yeah, yeah, come on let’s
Get drunk, toast it up, we don’t give a fu—

We are young, we run free
Stay up late, we don’t sleep
Got our friends, got the night
We’ll be alright

Throw our hands in
the air
Pretty girls everywhere
Got our friends, got the night
We’ll be alright

(hoo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo) alright, alright, alright
(hoo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo) ah, ah, ah, ah
(hoo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo) alright, alright, alright
(hoo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo) ah, ah, ah, ah

We walk the streets like we don’t care-care
Our middle fingers in the air-air
So come and join us if you dare-dare
Yeah let’s go, yeah let’s go (we got the club like)

(hoo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo) and all the girls sayin’

p/s: ak dedicate kn lgu ni kpd spe2 yg frust ngn result exam, psl ak pon dok dgr lgu ni bnyk kali hari ni

hello baby t-ara

kyaa!! k-pop again xD sorry if i keep on posting about k-pop, da addicted nme nyer. btw, skrg nk cite psl hello baby t-ara lak,kalo spe2 ade tgk hello baby SNSD n SHINee then korg msti taw yg season bru ni t-ara nyer giliran lak msok reality show ni. bg spe2 yg mnt hello baby korg msti n ak mmg syor kn r utk tgk hello baby t-ara ni psl kali ni dorg jg 3 org baby lak (nme nyer mason, mavin n maden), adik beradik tige2 tu n yg pling best nyer bdk2 tu cute gile ah! xD *excited* xcaye sile r tgk ye, rse da jatuh chinta ngn bdk2 tu~hahahaha. k,till then..nk smbung tgk cite ni :p

t-ara ngn bdk2 yg dorg jge~cute kn? ngee :D

Friday, 3 December 2010

OMGK= oh menarik gile k-pop xD

k-pop!!!! xD xtaw cmne leh gilekn k-pop ni,da addicted sgt ni O.O sejak akhir2 ni ak da ter addicted ngn 2NE1...woah! tibe2 je kn,sume ni sbb lpas dorg wt comeback ngn lgu2 dorg yg best gile tu "go away, clap ur hand & can't nobody" dorg serious gile best kowt, n cam bese r kalo da ske tu msti g cri2 dorg nyer show kt utube...skrg ni ak cbok tgok 2ne1 tv season 1 n 2 kyaa! best wa ckp lu xD!!! tgk 2ne1 tv ni dorg tnjuk gak bigbang n YG nyer staff n mmg sume nyer dlm YG family ni mmg cool gile,di sebbkn hal yg demikian lah ak mkin jatuh chenta ngn YG family especially 2NE1 ngn big bang~owh T.O.P xD but dont worry even though i'm getting becoming blackjack (2ne1 fan) and V.I.P (big bang fan) i'm still loyal with our cute n sweet SHINee. i'll never let shinee go even i'm in love with others group. what ever it is k-pop JJANG! DAEBAK!

2NE1,my fav> CL n dara

BIG BANG > T.O.P so hawt!!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

code:mission accomplish :p

akhirnye dapat gak ak tgk harry potter :D td ak g sunway ngn put3,tgk harry potter ngn megamind;best gile kowt,especially megamind coz it's so funny. harry potter xdpt 3D psl xde tp megamind ktorg tgk 3D n bertambah2 r best nyer :D btw,ak mmg xsbr nk tggu harry potter part 2 nyer coz ak mmg xske cite yg tergantung2 ni,tension~hahaha xpe2, lpas tgk harry potter td ak bru discover satu bnde yg ak xbrape mint sgt ngn harry tp ak minat gile ngn ron n hermoine :p ak ske btol tgk dorg due tu,sweet kowt...megamind plak da buat ak puas ati gile arini tp tiket dy mahal tol RM21!!! xsgke semahal tu O.O naseb baek cite tu best,kalo x ak da bebel sepanjang hari. so sape2 yg xtgk lg,sile2 r tgk ye :D

p/s: ak tlis 'code' kt title ats sbb it's a popular words use by megamind n bestfriend dy dlm movie tu, and it's so funny...tgk sndri kalo nk taw kisah selanjutnyer :p

Sunday, 21 November 2010

oh sahabatku....

tgh hari td ak bkk fb, then cm biase r tgk notification...ade 1 member ak ni cmmnt pic ak yg kt tluk batik. she said that she miss me, btw she one of my friend tym skola menengah dulu kt s.alm. n i know the real reason she said she miss me, that's because almost 2 years we didn't hang out together anymore. i dont know who's fault and what's wrong we just didn't contact with each other n even cmmnt2 kt fb pon xde gak. then lpas je ak bce cmmnt tu ak pon bkk r profile dy n ak mmg terkejut gile bile bce status dy " i do miss you. my tears drop went i saw ur picture. you have them now. and we are just ur OLD memory. sedih lah! tapi tak pe. kita tetap kawan cuma dah tak rapat je. and yes i miss so much! :') ♥"
serious ak xtaw nk ckp ape dah, ak ingt diorg yg da xnk kwn ngn ak, psl kalo dorg kuar xpnh nk ajk ak lg....i really have no idea right now, ak xde niat pon nk tggl kn diorg n xde niat lgsg nk lupekn diorg, i feel guilty -_- guys i'm really2 sorry kalo sume ni slh ak, tp knape korg da x cntc ak lgsng n xajk ak lepak ngn korg pon. whatever it is i do miss u'all too n ak hrp kte dpt cm dulu lg.

i'm back :D

long time no see hah peeps :D i'm at home now, semester break time yuhuu! doing nothing at home, i wanna work but it's really hard to get part time job, most of them want full time employee. so i end up 24/7 in front of my lappy, and do some house chore...ugh! i hate it actually, i need money :( what am i suppose to do? hope my mom will gimme some like before coz i wanna buy corby,i want it so badly. what i can do now is "doalah banyak2 ye" hehehe n i'm going to find a job again n hope i can got one. pray for me k.

Friday, 22 October 2010

enjoy je taw

yeah, that's me...enjoy je taw, study nk dekan =D (biase r,sume org pon nk) but don't worry, i will study hard and try my best "later" when i got the study mood~hahahaha (ak kn ske study last minute). skrg tgh study week break, next week bru start exam...and as usual when the study week comes, me n my friends will enjoy ourself, hangout together and overnight kt pulau. and this time we (ak,alida,farisha,put n nad) went to alida's aunt house at pulau and stay there for 3 days. it's really fun coz before this i went there with alida n farisha only, but now nad n put also join, so it's quite happening. we went to gurney, watch 'dinner for schmucks" then ate at gurney drive. and fyi adil,acap n faizal also join us there. it is seriously fun, especially when i got to sleep at air-condition room~heaven =D thnx a lot to alida coz invite us there. i'm absolutely want to go there again =p now i'm at home,mutiara hostel. so bored coz i'm alone (my roomate went home) and i seriously need to start open my book n study for final exam *_* gtg. c'est tout, merci.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

pulau again n again

we went to pulau again last night after AGM for ENT CLUB. as usual,we went there till this morning then we went home. eating the big burger, 'lepak2' at QB,padang kota n kayu restaurant. we were enjoying ourself after the whole tiring day yesterday. thumbs up for ya'll =D
last nigt was another great night.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

last night...... xD

yesterday was a really tiring day...1st went to sir mizan open house at 2pm till 6pm (lame giler) then i slept for about 2 hours i think then i woke up, be ready to go to 'jamuan hikmah kembara' at kolej kristal. after that, at 11pm i went back n rushing change my cloth then going out with put,farisha,harith,hilmi n acap. at 1st i thought we were going to watch movie, but then they change plan n just go where ever they wanna go. so we end up went to island,ate McD n hang out at QB that have no one there coz it's already closed. it's myb sound boring but it is actually so fun coz we were laughing like freaking hell all the time. that was because of all of us said a word with a wrong pronunciation. this is what happened last night:
> "in relationship", farisha said "in @#$%^ship"
>"tongkang", put said "kongkang"
>"straight", acap said "stright" then hilmi said "stroad" LOL!
>"hard rock", i said "hard rob"
>"banting" where areez live, i said "bangi"
>acap said his friend working at "slurpee" acctually at "7e"
>instead of saying "fries da xpanas" i said "fries da xsejuk"
LOL! LOL! LOL! there's a lot more but i can't remember, but seriously i dont know what had happened to us last night, makes so many mistake in our pronunciation...n now im really tired coz not sleep at all last night n coz of cracking up so bad till can't laugh anymore. what ever it is thnx a lot to u guys coz gave fun to me, u guys GREAT!

Friday, 1 October 2010

no class tomorrow xD

yeay! i have no class tomorrow *happy* i thought that i need to do replacement class for my serving class, but sir joe said no need to replace the class. i luv u so much larh sir! hahahaha. so i don't have to wake up early tomorrow, if i don't want to wake up until Saturday also can =D right now i can watch Family Outing peacefully without need to worries about tomorrow morning class or whatever larh! (style sir budi) hahahaha. gud night peeps! wanna continue watch Family Outing xD

Sunday, 26 September 2010

pics at teluk batik

new hat xD

we are uitmpp banana boat team~hehehe

pose at marina cove resort

night at teluk batik

p/s: qiqi tgk pics ni puas2~hehehe,pic laen tgk kt areen

Saturday, 25 September 2010

short holiday

hey peeps! im at teluk batik,perak right now for entrepreneurship program. we stay at apartment, but the apartment not that great.....but we still enjoy being here. it is like a short holiday for me coz i can lets my body and my mind relax a bit. im going to upload the pics later ok,till then adios xD

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

am i a bad person???

what if i say that i regret being friend with someone??? is that makes me a bad person?? i have my own reason why i am saying like that....ugh! sometimes friends also can brings troubles O_o

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


nothing i can say bout raya this usual,nothing different. going to kampung at seremban n muar,than visit all my relative..that's all. sorry there's no pic i can display here coz we didn't take picture o_O. raya done,now time to get back in many assignment need to finish up,quiz is coming right after raya (next week) n bel draft still not finish yet T_T so many things need to do,malas nyer.....but still need to do it,what can i do? i'm a student right, so just do it.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

raya is around the corner

hari raya is coming!!!! so SELAMAT HARI RAYA MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN to all my friends and muslims all around the world =D

Saturday, 4 September 2010

i'm home

yeah people...i'm home,finally after 2 month i'm at penang this is the 1st time in this semester i'm going home. if not because of hari raya,i don't know when can i going home. the best part is, sblom bertolak dr penang tu,ak spend time ngn membe2 ak bkk pose kt ouh,thnx to qiqi,qreen,farisha,alida,put3,nad,syimir,syaz n faizal coz sudi same2 buke kt mcd. even though ak terpakse tinggalkan korg sbb blek umah pling awal antare korang (hehehehehe) ak still enjoy the last moment with u all (cam da xnk blek penang ag dah bunyinyer kuikuikui =p). see u guys after raya k,back in one piece friends. SELAMAT HARI RAYA MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN!!!!!

at mcd...laughing all the time =D

before send me to campus (bas ak kt ctu)

Friday, 3 September 2010

the best serving class ever =D

yuhuu! td last serving class sebol cuti raye,n td sume pakai gempak2 woo~baju melayu bersampin songket n berkebaya...da mcm nk raye sgt da. feel pon laen td =D tgh2 serving tu terngiang2 lagu raye (of coz r psl mmg hotel bkk lgu raye) ~hahaha. yg pntg ak xsbr nk blek raye! btw,td mmg class serving yg pling best psl xhenti2 amek gmbar,ngn lecturer2 pon join skali gak...tym customer ade ke xde kew snap,snap,snap sane sini..da cntik2 belake kan nmenyer~huhuhu. nk tgk kebaye ape ak pakai,tgk kt pic bwh ni ye =p

kt dpn hotel uitmpp


waitress =D

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

baju kebaya

serving class,2 sept 2010....need to wear baju kebaya! ugh,i dont have it. what should i do,where should i find it???? i'd so many things to think about (assgmnt,test) but now need to add one more thing *baju kebaya*. i dont know what's going to happen later,hope it goes well n i can find a suitable kabaya to wear on that day. *_*

step up 3~done

yay! finally...done with step up 3. seriously best gile cite tu,super duper awesome n great. wanna watch it again. but sadly, no step up 3D at wht i'm going to do now is watch it again at kl. blek je umah sbtu t ak tros g book ticket step up 3D kt mid,tkot ticket sold out~hehehe. for those who are still not watching it, my suggestion is WATCH IT NOW! hahahaha *excited*

Saturday, 28 August 2010

new shoes =)

yay! finally i got my shoes..thnx to rao who's design it n qiqi who's in-charge of buying the shoes n being rao girlfriend~hahahaha (she's the one who telling me about the shoes actually). it's really great n i like it so much,now i dont know when should i wear the shoes coz i afraid when i wear it the shoes become dirty. i think i should put it in the glass box n never wear it =p it's my PRECIOUS!! hehehe. i will figure out when n where i will wear it.

i ask rao to sketch SHINEE on my shoes =p

luv this shoes so much!

Friday, 27 August 2010

meet new peoples

serving class, 6.00 pm. 26 august 2010: our customer was blind kids, they're not completely blind actually, they just can't see things clearly. they need to see things closely to recognize what is it. it such a great experience to have,coz i never met and talk to this people closely. for me its really can help me face with different types of people in future during my work days. and seriously this is the first time i felt that not all kids are irritating and annoying =p myb because of they are not that small,meaning their age not around 3-8 years old. kids around that age, from my experience really annoy me. its not that i really hate kids,it just i cant handle them and they're so hyper active, its can makes me headache watching them. but those kids that come to our hotel really makes me enjoy served them, and i'm glad to be part of the team that served them that night. hope i can experience things like this again next time.

* sorry i dont have picture with them. forgot to take picture T_T

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

bye to pesona

yay! i'm already moving into mutiara hostel..finally after 2 month apply for the hostel. its quite ok, and im getting used to it. what makes me really want to live in hostel is coz of we dont need to pay for the rent and all those bills, so i can save my money for the other things. lastly, bye to pesona and hello mutiara =p

updating my blog

i really need to keep updating my blog,coz qiqi want to throw me out from her followers list ( please don't =p) the reasons why i can't keep updating this blog because of i dont know how to write my story here so all of u can understand it. its quit difficult to tell what i felt lately here,i need a right word to express it...but i still couldn't find it. so this is what happened, keep not updating my blog *_*. hehehe

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

don't have time to blogging

it's been a long time since my last post....i really dont have a plenty time to do all those things that i like such as blogging and downloading movies and songs. this semester really makes me feels so tired with so many classes and all those killers subject like acc and eco. thnks god i had basic acc and eco that i learned during my school time. but it's still give me headache because i'm not really good in those subject. but one things that i love is i got the opportunity to learn French this semester. what a nice language is that. hopefully i can speak french very well one day. till then peeps...have quiz tomorrow,need to study. adios

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

homeless o_O

lg 5 ari sblom sem bru nk bkk...n jeng jeng jeng ak xde tmpt tggl,umah sewa xde kolej xdpt so xtaw r ape nk jd nnt. thnx to qiqi n areen psl bg tumpang kt umah dorg wt sementare wktu but still r kn da namenye pon menumpang, rse mengganggu lak, sori ye korg(qiqi n areen). niat nye nk cri umah sewa ble da smpai penang t, lntak r ape rupe rumh pon..bedal je r,asalkan de tempat tggl. uitm pon satu gak, da taw kolej ade satu jew utk laki n pmpuan nk gak di ambik student berlambak2, sudah nye bape puloh ribu lak stdnt yg kene ddk luar, xpk tol. huh! dsbbkn psl hal tmpat tggl ni,ak xmood lgsng nk packing brg2, dok risau psl umah jew...T_T. so for the 1st tym in my life i'm homeless. otak pon da blank pk psl mnde ni....alida pakse pkcik ko suro org uitm tu cpt sket bg kputusan k!

>mne ak nk ltak kotak2 yg berlambak kt stor kolej tu .......

Thursday, 10 June 2010

refresh day =D

hahhahaha~xlaen xbukan ni psl result exam r,arini 10 jun result utk stdnt uitm kuar. kne check kt stdnt portal, n da cnfrm2 r jam kan psl line busy gile. so sbbkn ak da taw sgt stdnt portal tu mmg akn busy xde r ak nk cbok2 sgt nk check membe2 ak sume pnyer r xsbr,nk gak berebut ngn umt2 satu uitm tu nk check result gak,ish3 sudah nyer ape ag penuh r kt FB sume post status psl penat merefresh site stdnt portal tu~hahahaha. so nasihat ak,tggu r sok2 kew..sabar jew la =p
kpd uitm> tlong usahakn supaya nk tgk result tu lebey mudah ye!

Friday, 14 May 2010

sem break........o.O

as usual r kn,asal cuti sem jew mula r xtvt2 berlingkar di katil 24/7 =D da xde bnde nk wt. actually ade jew cm masak,bsh bju,jmur skali,kms lpas je ak siapkn sume tu melepak kt katil lg but, xtdo eh..ak dok mengadap lappy sepanjang hari. bkk mate je maknenye bkk lappy r tu~hehehehe, ttp mate lak mkne nye lappy pon ttp r kn. ak on9 spnjg mse bkk utube jew,pas satu,satu cite ak tgk. sume ni sbb addicted ngn korea sgt. ak tgk sume show SHINee, SNSD pon ak belasah gak..psl dorang lawak gile. naik kejang muke ak gelak bnyk2 ~_~ tv pon ak da xlyn,tp piala thomas n uber ak tgk r. disebabkn kegilaan ak ni, ak lpe mkn kowt. smpai kdg2 tu ak mkn sekali jew sehari (trok2 huhuhu) utube pon da slow gile gerak psl ak bkk bnyk tab dlm stu mse =P
nmppk nye ak kne cri keje gak sblom ak mati dpn lappy~hahahaha

>>> keje 7e je r,ok x?

Friday, 30 April 2010

jalan2 hilgkn bosan

situasi ini terjadi apabila 2 hari setelah tamatnya peperiksaan BEL260. aku,alida dan farisha telah membuat keputusan untuk keluar pergi ke Pacific (btol kew eja??). k stop ngn bahase baku ni, tujuan utama g ctu nk tgk movie ktorg tgk r citer shutter island. pstu ktorg bli glasses, alida bli bju, n ak yg nk bli slipar tp jmpe yg best n farisha yg nk bli beg tp xbli gak. yg best nyer ktorg mkn mcD n akhirnye tercapai cite2 ak nk mkn burger bru mcD yg double tu, ak n farisha mkn mega mac...puas2 hehehe. ha! satu hal lg,tym nk g pacific tu, kt dpn uitm ni...tibe2 jew ade sorg ni jerit kt ktorg 'ha nk g mne tu!' hahahaha rupe2 nye en mizan,ade ke tibe disergah nye ktorg cmtu ish3 =D.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

study week???? ~ kick ass

siyes damn cool citer ni...ptg td ak tgk ngn farisha. beyond my expectation (dr. subri) hahaha.....mmg ak suggest sgt2 r korg g tgk cite ni. gile dumb hero dy,but bdk pmpuan dlm cite ni damn cool n gile great dlm bab bunuh membunuh ni. ak nk ajar ank ak cmtu r nnt,bru safe sket idop hahaha. so ni r 1st things yg ak wt tym 1st day study week bese r,nme jew study week but bg ak rest week~hehehe. ak nk cri dvd cite ni n tgk bnyk kali,best siot!

p/s: gile sakit prot ak lps mkn kenny rogers nk branak sakitnyer~ T_T

Thursday, 15 April 2010

teka tekuk n funny things~sem 2

yay! kitchen n serving class for this sem finished already.... xsbr nk cuti sem (excited). teka teki last dr chef ady tym klas kitchen td~ kalo ramai org india mndi kt satu kolam,then kte tgk dr ats nmpk cm ape??? ni jwpn chef,nmpk cm koko crunch hahahaha jaht kowt chef ni~ ade je idea dy dlm bab2 teka tekuk ni =D mnde klaka yg terjadi tym sem ni lak.....yg pling best psl qiqi n put3, siyes lawak~qiqi ngn shafiqnyer n put3 psl askar jepun hahahaha,minah ni mmg blur,ade ke nk dicarik nye askar jepun dlm kitchen,mne ade kowt hahahaha (terguling2 ak gelak kalo ingt psl cite ni). the best part psl sem ni ble ktorg sume dpt cooperate and get more closer wif each other, gelak2 main2 mmg best r pstu dpt rapat ngn mr mizan gak, siyes msti xbest da psni psl da xde klas ngn mr mizan~huhu, u guys rox r!!!

p/s: td juff wt softroll besar gle,da mcm kpale dy ak tgk~hahahaha (tetibe je kowt)

pic kt tgge~chef malu nk amek gmbr kt tmpt rmai org hahaha

pose candid mr mizan~lebey kurg sme ngn pose formal

Saturday, 10 April 2010

the end of the semester 2

gile best...1mggu je lg sesi kuliah2 ni tggl pstu final exam then adios sem 2~huhu. setelah berhempas pulas sepnjg sem ni ngn klas serving nye, klas kitchen nye..xsbr2 ak nk abes sem. tp sem ni mmg best r psl dpt rse serve org cmne n lg banyk experience yg ak gain r, dr klas2 yg best smpai r tym rayap merayap ngn geng retard~retard domingo the best r! credit to adil n acap utk sume pic cntek2 yg korg amek spnjg sem ni~ tp b;le pk sem dpn naik pning pale otak ak ni huhuhu sbbnye bnyk gle subjek kowt,elok2 dr sem1 smpai sem ni ak 4 papper jew final,dan2 lak sem 3 nnt 6 papper lak,tah2 lebey ag ish3..xsggup2 T_T tp xpe,kowt2 best kew lecturer nye t mne taw kn,hahaha trying to be positive. stop psl sume ni,ak sbnrnye nk tnjuk pic ktorg tym klas serving yg ak jd SOD...ngn costume style greek ni.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

bukit bintang

ak g pavi td ngn qiqi,rao,areen,put3 n farisha,ingt nk tgk alice in wonderland 3D tup2 psl farisha lambat xdpt tgk psl tiket sold out da,qiqi n rao jew tgk sedey ouh..ble r dpt tgk,slalu jew sold out tiket tu. btw, the main reasons ktorg blek mggu ni psl nk cri costume utk S.O.D ak...n da dpt td but duet xckup so kne r collect ag,bru byr sket td~ seb baek abg kedai tu ex student uitm so dy tlong ktorg bg murah sket harge rent costume tu. kt BB td mmg r makin slalu ak g ctu mkin dasat ak tgk bdk kt ctu,melepak kiri kanan shoping mall,dressup plek gle ish3 tah ape rupe jew dorg yg best kt pavi agak ramai gak mamat cute kt ctu =P best ouh cuci mate huhu.mmg penat gle r wa ckp lu blek umah kali ni, sok nk kne blek penang lak lg r malas. so skrg ak kne pk kn lak tym nk amek costume tu n tym nk anta blek...ak nk ikut kew x???? o_O

Sunday, 14 March 2010

pics at taman negara

trip to taman negara with the retard's

the best moment in this sem..went to taman negara yesterday with some of the retard's member farisha,alida,adil n acap. gosh,feel like wanna go there fresh n healthy. best ouh,da lme x msok hutan cmtu,then cm bese we take a lot of picture there. best part where we on canopy, huhuhu acap gayat rupenyew (muke cuak kowt) n tym ngn monyet,sume tkot gle (except acap) sbb tkot monyet kejar,adil siyes kalut tym tu hahaha. after that we went to queen'sbay,snap picture kt tmpt parking atas skali (bumbung kowt) part pling best psl ktorg je kt atas tu ngn angin2 nyer,da cm nk wt photoshoot jew. then snap pic kt pic booth, lepak kt best smalm. two thumbs up for u guys, great moment!

p/s: all those pics,ak letak later k,waiting for adil n acap to give it to me.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

got ice cream

yay! dpt mkn ice cream new zealand...da lme da sbnrnye,mggu lpas agknye tp bru skrg ade mood nk menulis huhuhu...ak mkn ngn alida,best kowt. cam da berzaman xmkn ice cream jew rsenyer, nk wt cmne kn ice cream mahal xkn xsdap kowt. bwh ni ade pic ak ngn alida mkn ice cream tu, cntek jew pic ni.

p/s: pic ni diambik by hp alida yg ilang tu...=(


takziah to alida atas kehilangn handphone nye....huhuhu cam ape jew,tp mmg kecoh gak r psl hp alida ni,mne xnye bru bli kowt bak kte alida 2bln lebey jew bru gne hp tu mau xkalut nye kn.... cian2,xtaw r ape jd kt hp tu sbnrnye missplace kew kne curi one know o_O??? moral of the story.... sntiase r membawa hp anda kemane2 huhu

to juff...hahaha

mmg best r smalm psl akhirnye da terbukti juff pny tgn yg bwtkn softroll tu masam...HAHAHAHA, nk taw nape??? psl dy wt coleslow masam HAHAHA ( farisha pon sme gak =p) pdn ko juff, kne kaw2 ngn ak smalam.....ngeeeee. btw thnx sbb tonjolkn bukti tu ye juff huhuhu.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

addicted to twitter now

2.00 am, 25/02/10
still on twitter n under stress now...hahaha. sbb adil n acap keep disturb me ngn idea wt lgu sft roll dorg tu.....tension ak,hahaha.

p/s: siyes xsdp tol soft roll tu T_T

Friday, 19 February 2010

i'm on twitter

i had twitter now,since 2 days ago.....for who's have it too follow me k. adios

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

cactus from cameron highland

yay...finally i got my own cactus, not 1 not 2 but 3. da lme ak nk,since kt primary school ag. xsgke da msok u bru dpt huhuhuhu. xtaw r nape ak ske sgt cactus, sbb unik kowt n lebey sng jge dr bunga2 or tanaman2 laen. ak ni bkn rajin sgt pon,so seswai r jage cactus ni. bawah ni pic cactus2 ak,take a look k.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

khas utk alida LAHME

hahahahahaha.......mmg xphm ape r kalo tgk vid ni, tp sbb ade pompuan over tu ak tergelak mcm org gle da ni. xtaw npe ble tgk pompuan tu teringt kt alida lak hahahaha (sorry) myb sbb dy slalu mnari over kalo dgr lgu lahme tu kowt, tu psl tgk pompuan over ni tringt kt dy. huhuhu, jgn mara ye, ak dedikasikn vid ni kahs utk ko alida, enjoy. =D

Monday, 18 January 2010

hari dlm sejarah~hahahaha

list nmde yg terjadi tym g tesco td [17/01/10]
1. tym nk blek tu pnyer khusuyk mkn waffle smpai xsdr bas lalu,slalu tu ngamuk2 bas xsmpai2,ni siap leh wt donno ag.
2. da dlm bas ni,tibe bas stop nk amek pnmpang,ade lak mamat ni org mne tah mabuk plak, di ajk naek bas xnk siap trik tgn awek dy ag,scary ouh...seb baek xjd naek
3. pstu dlm bas gak feeque tlh terjmpe jodoh dy,jeng3 shahid kapoor hahahaha versi bangla pnyer,kes ni terjadi psl mamat tu terlnggar kaki feeque...pstu spe tah ade psg lgu hindustan ag hahahaha,feeque mmg terkena abes r
4. kt terminal bas lak,tym naek bas nk blek tu ade lak mkck cine ni gle upenyew...ade kew dipau nyer sorg bdk uitm gak rm1,pstu jual colgate plak lawak2 tp tkot gak psl semacm jew mkck tu
5. tym on da way blek tu,bas rapid tu tah nape driver dy,ak pon xphm ade kew dy terlggar bdk naek basikal ni...bdk tu jln tepi2 jew,xphm2 seb baek xpaper just terlggr basikal jew.. mcm2 tol
6. tym mkn kt never die lak,ade waiter laki berambot besar [besar punyer] slalu nyer dy pkai topi tp tym tu xlak,tu yg terkejot gak r tgk...mmg tergelak besra r td,xpsl2 dy dtg lak kt meja ktorg nk amek order,pnyer r thn gelak hahahaha
tu r yg terjadi kt ktorg [ak,alida,feeque] tym g tesco wt 1st tym n yer utk sem ni....mcm2 rgam scary gak r espclly ngn mkck cine n mamat mabuk tu....ish3. gtg,adios

Thursday, 14 January 2010

ragam ktorg

citer ni lawak r bg ak,tp xtaw r korg nk anggap cmne kn psl korg xde kt tmpt kejadian tym tu melain kn rmmate ak g mkn kt luar kampus ngn org2 bese r,tym blek tu ktorg naek bas uitm...da smpai kampus tu,pkck bas tu g r stop kt gerai2 dpn LP nk beli mknn lme gle,myb dy msk skali agak nyer huhuhu,sbbkn mls nk menapak ktorg tggu je r pkck tu siap beli...dlm mse mnunggu tu tibe2 lalu lak sorg mamat ni yg mmg familiar btol ngn ktorg ngn sorg minh ni kt dpn bas tu,ktorg tgk je r kn dorg b'due tu berjln smpai kt dkn kolej zamrud dan dgn tibe2 nyer die org umat td menunjukkn aksi mesra n pstu mamat tu slm siap cium ag tgn minah tu, dgn keadaan yg terkejut teramat sgt ktorg pon tros jew trun dr bas n kejar minah tu [pas mamat tu da bla r] tros lpe segale kemalasan nk menapak,ktorg siap berlari2 ag nk kejar pmpuan tu..bkn nk kejar ape nk tgk muke dy jew sbnrnye,nk taw spe minah tu...taw2 tu senior ktorg,gle gempak r mamat tu...taste dy tue2 agaknyer huhuhu. part yg lawak nyer tym ktorg snggup trun bas n kejar tu r,mmg xleh bla n xpnh ak wt cmni. btw ade sbb nyer npe ktorg snggup wt cmni.....xyh bgtaw r mls nk taip huhuhu.tu r citer best ak bg mlm ni,till then.

new sem

setelah sekian lme nyer ak xupdate blog ni....akhirnye dtg gak mood nk menaip mnde ni. ak still dpt survive ag dlm mse 2 mggu ni sjak strt new sem ni,penat gle r...ngn klas serving n kitchen yg 6 jam nyer,huh penat..penat. rse longgar segale otot ngn tulang2 ak ni,membe ak siap leh kate ak da tue ag huhuhu siot jew. tp best r gak dpt learn new things,at least ak leh r appreciate sket waiter kt restaurant2 luar tu...klas kitchen better sket,psl leh mkn ngn kenyang nyer....ckp psl mkn ni,td ak klas kitchen pstu msk braise chicken [btol kot spell tu] mmg tempting gle r..tym chef bg mkn tu mmg xingt dunia lgsung,cam org da berari2 xdpt mkn huhuhu...ble da kenyang mule r xlarat nk wt keje lak....mcm sem lepas the best part tym kt kitchen tu mmg r tym mkn huhuhu...k,blah lu.