Sunday, 14 March 2010

trip to taman negara with the retard's

the best moment in this sem..went to taman negara yesterday with some of the retard's member farisha,alida,adil n acap. gosh,feel like wanna go there fresh n healthy. best ouh,da lme x msok hutan cmtu,then cm bese we take a lot of picture there. best part where we on canopy, huhuhu acap gayat rupenyew (muke cuak kowt) n tym ngn monyet,sume tkot gle (except acap) sbb tkot monyet kejar,adil siyes kalut tym tu hahaha. after that we went to queen'sbay,snap picture kt tmpt parking atas skali (bumbung kowt) part pling best psl ktorg je kt atas tu ngn angin2 nyer,da cm nk wt photoshoot jew. then snap pic kt pic booth, lepak kt best smalm. two thumbs up for u guys, great moment!

p/s: all those pics,ak letak later k,waiting for adil n acap to give it to me.

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