Friday, 17 December 2010

azam 'kecik' utk taun dpn ^____^

'kecik' tu mksudnyer ak hrp dpt r tunaikn psl dy 'kecik' je kn~huhuhu. ak nk bli sneakers sbnrnyer, jeremy scott x adidas 'j wings'!! cool kn nme sneakers ni hahaha, nme dy pon da wt ak tempting gile nk bli :D meh ak tnjukkn pic dy skali ngn detail psl sneakers ni skali.

- Design inspired by ADIDAS and Jeremy Scott's Originals
- Made of quality leather
- Designed with decorative leather wings, one one each side of the sneakers

p/s: cool x,kyaa! :p serious ak nk dowh ^__^

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