Saturday, 21 November 2009

1st sem yg da berlalu =D

skrg tgh sem break,mean i just finished one sem n 5 more to go [if im not repeat paper, hope im not]...i write this this coz suddenly i remember when the 1st tym i meet my friends especially farisha,i have my own reason why i remember her the most n i think she know why huhuhu... she's my weirdest fren i ever had [sorry =p] its suddenly cames to my head last night,after i'd chatting with alida n adil...i dont think its funny but i smile [almost laugh actually] when i think bout it...1st when day before the class start,i met sheila kt lif bggunan kte mke dy kerek,but ak xrse cmtu pon tym 1st2 jmpe dy tu,skrg bru ak rse cmtu n whats surprise me i met maznah also at there huhuhu,that's what makes me feel funny n thats night,farisha came to my room n ask me to go to class with her...that tym i dont think much n just say ok,n now i just feel like ak da terpilih kwn pling plek thats i ever known in this world hahahaha,just met her n u'll know what im saying =D...but i have no regret bout it,coz without them im not sure my life will have so much colours like now n because of farisha,i met alida n her gangs..thnx to u,i have so much frens now.....sbb ak da tlis berlmbk2 ni,so ape kte ko [farisha] reset blek mind ko tu,n just accept that im a good fren =p just admit it k huhuhuhuhu

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