Thursday, 19 November 2009

gossip girl

gossip girl tym....xleh thn ag da,ak mmg da addicted gle ngn citer ni huhuhu.actually ak bru abes tgk 1 episode dr season 3 td,da gle jap ni..ya my frens was right,i'm going crazy bout this series..i really want to watch it again n again,starting from season 1...blair n chuck makes me loves this series even more,both of them mmg seswai gle r...characters that i hate the most are rufus humfrey n lily bass,why? coz they really annoy me,da tue2 pon over ag...ssh kn Dan ngn serena lak tu...asal r xmamposkn je watak dorg berdue tu,huh! [mmg gle benci ni] Dan pon kdg2 ak geram gak,psl baek n lurus bendul sgt..hehehe ak mmg da addicted gle2 da tym for me to find a complete season3 of gossip girl,right now ak ade 2 episode jew,sedey2 ..nk taw ni r series kedua pas one tree hill yg ak addicted gle,pas tgk ssatu episode je da ble mereng n cannot wait to watch another episode evan 1 second,i cant hold it..lastly,i hope this series will end like what i want.xoxo gossip girl

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