Friday, 27 August 2010

meet new peoples

serving class, 6.00 pm. 26 august 2010: our customer was blind kids, they're not completely blind actually, they just can't see things clearly. they need to see things closely to recognize what is it. it such a great experience to have,coz i never met and talk to this people closely. for me its really can help me face with different types of people in future during my work days. and seriously this is the first time i felt that not all kids are irritating and annoying =p myb because of they are not that small,meaning their age not around 3-8 years old. kids around that age, from my experience really annoy me. its not that i really hate kids,it just i cant handle them and they're so hyper active, its can makes me headache watching them. but those kids that come to our hotel really makes me enjoy served them, and i'm glad to be part of the team that served them that night. hope i can experience things like this again next time.

* sorry i dont have picture with them. forgot to take picture T_T

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