Friday, 22 October 2010

enjoy je taw

yeah, that's me...enjoy je taw, study nk dekan =D (biase r,sume org pon nk) but don't worry, i will study hard and try my best "later" when i got the study mood~hahahaha (ak kn ske study last minute). skrg tgh study week break, next week bru start exam...and as usual when the study week comes, me n my friends will enjoy ourself, hangout together and overnight kt pulau. and this time we (ak,alida,farisha,put n nad) went to alida's aunt house at pulau and stay there for 3 days. it's really fun coz before this i went there with alida n farisha only, but now nad n put also join, so it's quite happening. we went to gurney, watch 'dinner for schmucks" then ate at gurney drive. and fyi adil,acap n faizal also join us there. it is seriously fun, especially when i got to sleep at air-condition room~heaven =D thnx a lot to alida coz invite us there. i'm absolutely want to go there again =p now i'm at home,mutiara hostel. so bored coz i'm alone (my roomate went home) and i seriously need to start open my book n study for final exam *_* gtg. c'est tout, merci.

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