Sunday, 3 October 2010

last night...... xD

yesterday was a really tiring day...1st went to sir mizan open house at 2pm till 6pm (lame giler) then i slept for about 2 hours i think then i woke up, be ready to go to 'jamuan hikmah kembara' at kolej kristal. after that, at 11pm i went back n rushing change my cloth then going out with put,farisha,harith,hilmi n acap. at 1st i thought we were going to watch movie, but then they change plan n just go where ever they wanna go. so we end up went to island,ate McD n hang out at QB that have no one there coz it's already closed. it's myb sound boring but it is actually so fun coz we were laughing like freaking hell all the time. that was because of all of us said a word with a wrong pronunciation. this is what happened last night:
> "in relationship", farisha said "in @#$%^ship"
>"tongkang", put said "kongkang"
>"straight", acap said "stright" then hilmi said "stroad" LOL!
>"hard rock", i said "hard rob"
>"banting" where areez live, i said "bangi"
>acap said his friend working at "slurpee" acctually at "7e"
>instead of saying "fries da xpanas" i said "fries da xsejuk"
LOL! LOL! LOL! there's a lot more but i can't remember, but seriously i dont know what had happened to us last night, makes so many mistake in our pronunciation...n now im really tired coz not sleep at all last night n coz of cracking up so bad till can't laugh anymore. what ever it is thnx a lot to u guys coz gave fun to me, u guys GREAT!

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